A Restaurant in the heart of the “Sasso Caveoso”


You will be intoxicated by the typical aromas, flavours and colours of the Basilicata region served up by our restaurant at lunch and dinner, which also has secluded outdoor seating. Savouring our cuisine with an excellent wine from our cellar as you dine by candlelight, alone or in company, beneath the stars in the heart of Sasso Caveoso, immersed in its history, is a singular and memorable experience.

Simple and minimal


The aesthetic appeal of this space, dating back to the thirteenth century and embellished by arches and walls, is exquisite.
Within the 30 / 60 capacity restaurant there is the maître de salle’s reception area, a lounge bar and a library.
The restaurant hall is a multi-purpose space adjoining the breakfast room and the meeting area. Its capacity varies according to the occasion and the space may be used for temporary events as required.
The specifically-designed, made to measure white furnishings are the trademark of the architect Simone Micheli.
These decorative elements are discreet, light, minimalist and fluid but at the same time perfectly appropriate for the spaces and their function.

La Dispensa

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