One drop, the beginning

“A drop of water is born for a moment it vanishes for a moment it remains wonderful pure invisible form more than watching and hearing a sound that continues in silence”
Kengiro Azuma, 2009

The drop that shapes

The story of “AQUATIO” begins with a drop, a simple and pure figure which, with its incessant falling, shapes the material, forms the spaces, the furnishings, the structure.
A drop is the bronze work of art by Kengiro Azuma “MU765G”, located in one of the two main entrances of the structure, which summarizes in its simplicity the meaning of life through the metaphor of the water cycle.
The whiteness and sinuosity of the drop guided the architect Simone Micheli’s design work during the figuration of the interior spaces, in the definition of the furnishings, in the creation of the fascinating and skilled lighting design.
The drop, with its perseverance and intrinsic purity, animated the work of the architect Cosimo dell’Acqua during the realization of the general and executive project of the architectural and distributive recovery of the Borgo.

The drop hollows out the rock

The drop summarizes the millennial origin of the Sassi di Matera and their characteristics:
Erosion: the erosive action of a drop of water that with time and patience digs the limestone banks, shaping the landscape and making it unique;

Custody: the water collected to the last drop by the Matera population through natural or expertly built quarries, kept in cisterns, wells, basins and divers as a precious asset;

Aggregation: neighbourhoods developed around the cisterns, small communities of citizens who shared everyday life through water.

The Latin phrase “Gutta cavat lapidem” (“the drop digs the rock”) clearly expresses the character of the inhabitants of these ancient districts as time and patience can lead to great results.